New Construction – Valencia – Malilla

Analysis of all the new developments of new construction both available and under development in the southern area of ​​Valencia, Malilla

Valencia is the fourth economic power in Spain, in turn, it is the fifth Spanish community with the lowest cost of housing. This makes it an extremely interesting area for the profiling of real estate developments. To get an idea of ​​this boom, we wanted to carry out an analysis of new-build developments, both available and under development, in the Malilla area, south of Valencia.

The first thing we are interested in knowing is the market data for this area, which is why using the market tool of our software Fragua, we have obtained that the median sale price in the area is €180,223, a value found 34.66% above the rest of the province. The average time to sell is only 64 days, which places it almost 60% below the province. Regarding the rental market, we see that the median price is €829, very similar values ​​in the rest of the province. We see a housing supply of 49 assets, which together with an average time to rent of only 26 days, make Malilla a very liquid zone.

Aggregate zone metric







Built Area

Area per household


Households per promotion


New construction homes


PEM per households

Fragua By Atlas Real Estate Analytics

We access Malilla promotions through Fragua. We can see that there are currently 11 promotions both available and under development. These promotions are carried out by 9 different promoters and will give rise to 2,445 new-build homes, some 222 per promotion. It is estimated that the PEM per home will be €174,846, a very standard price if we compare it with the market data obtained previously.

Fragua By Atlas Real Estate Analytics

Going into more detail in one of the promotions that we have considered most interesting we have Hábitat Bulevar Malilla. Carried out by Promociones Habitat SA (Habitat Real Estate). This promotion seeks to build a residential building made up of 47 homes with between 1 and 4 bedrooms with a garage and storage room, on a 5,000m2 plot. The building will consist of 14 floors with two basement floors for parking. This promotion has common areas with swimming pool, green area and bike parking. It is estimated that the PEM of this work is €93,675, which is below the market data obtained, this results in affordable housing and therefore of great interest.

*Consult the complete data in Fragua.

In this table we can see a complete breakdown of the available promotions, to consult the remaining data, go to Fragua. If you want more information or do your own promotion studies, we invite you to request a free 7-day demo.

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