An artificial intelligence tool designed to provide real estate information effortlessly through natural language interaction.


If you’re a housing developer, investor, construction company, or real estate agency—or anyone engaged in real estate operations—the initial step before initiating any project is understanding the landscape you’re entering

With Fragua AI, knowing everything you need is as easy as asking a simple question. Start with the most basic one…

What information can you obtain using Fragua AI?

With this tool, you can obtain in seconds:

Real estate data about a specific geographical area


Existing real estate demand and its actual valuation

Market evolution

Investment opportunities

Ongoing property developments

Future developments in the area

Transactions and operational portfolios

Everything at a glance, organized as you need, and personalized with your information in downloadable graphs and reports.

Ask like a person,
decide like a machine.

Ask what you want to know in Fragua AI. Just write a sentence to access dozens of databases such as cadasters, portals, studies, websites, INE, press, and all sources where the information you need is available.

This way, you’ll have the data you currently take days to obtain and organize in an instant.

The early ones always lead the way.

In a sector like Real Estate, information is always power. Those who get it first are the ones who seize the best opportunities, just like users who have been using Fragua for a while and are now transitioning to Fragua AI.

Don't get left behind.

Ask to investing comparing knowing discovering in Real Estate

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