The technology that allows you to carry out analyzes adapting the data to your needs.

Through the integration of data and its enrichment, it allows you to carry out a detailed analysis for all your operations, with great ease of visualization and solutions, facilitating decision-making.

Integration of databases

Fragua includes a wide variety of databases focused on the real estate sector, including those also related to the demographic, economic and urban environment, among others.

Enrichment of data

Our data scientist team enriches the data to ensure our ability to get the most out of it.

Data enrichment consists not only in ordering the same, cleaning it, but also in looking for correlations, and new ways of interpreting them, which allow creating the maximum possible added value.



There are infinite ways to analyze data, Fragua is in a continuous process of adapting to the needs of its users by integrating new databases and facilitating new forms of analysis, with the clear objective of facilitating decision making.

Visualization and solutions

The visualization of data and its solutions is key in Fragua since it not only allows the graphics to be adapted to each search, but also to download all the information to integrate into external databases or create adaptation to other visualization formats.

Fragua presents the data in a versatile and intuitive way, making the most of it.

Discover a new way of analysis