Comparative Txurdinaga vs Abando

We return to compare two very close neighborhoods but with great differences. In this case we move to Bilbao and take the neighborhoods of Txurdinaga and Abando as a reference.

We carry out a study again using the Fragua software to make a comparison between the neighborhood of Txurdinaga and the neighborhood of Abando. These neighborhoods are located within the city of Bilbao, Abando is located in the central area and Txurdinaga is somewhat more peripheral. This can be a factor of great importance when doing the study.

Comparison of median prices per square meter for sale

Fragua by Atlas Real Estate Analytics

To see in a more graphic way the comparison of prices per square meter we have accessed the maps of Fragua that divide both neighborhoods by census section. In this way we verify that in the neighborhood of Txurdinaga we have an average price of €3,054. Meanwhile, in the Abando neighborhood we find a price increase of 48%, with an average cost per square meter of €4,534. Both values ​​are above the average for the province, which makes them quite interesting areas to invest in.

Square meter price distribution

Once we have seen the distribution of prices at a cartographic level, we are going to carry out a more detailed study of the distributions and price differences.

In the case of Abando we find a very wide range, this is due to a very large supply of homes. We see prices from €931 reaching up to €14,100. Discarding the most extreme prices since they are not representative, we find that the majority of homes are between €3,462 and €5,184.

In the case of Txurdinaga we find a much smaller offer but with a much higher concentration of prices. In this case the prices range from €931 reaching up to €5,100. Discarding the extreme values ​​as we have done previously, we see that the highest concentration of available homes is between €2,336 and €3,405.

Comparing both neighborhoods, we see that the Abando area is an area oriented towards luxury housing due to its high prices. It is also a great area for investment since there is a large supply of housing and also a lot of liquidity. On the other hand, the Txurdinaga neighborhood has lower prices in line with the rest of the province, which also makes it very attractive since it is aimed at a much more general public.

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