We are experts in Data Science to optimize investments in Real Estate, with agile, understandable and actionable results

At Atlas we offer tailor-made consultancy and our own software to invest with full knowledge of the market.

At Atlas, we carry on investment analysis, location and market studies based on big data and data science.

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What we do

Asset positioning analysis, based on our technology

Rotation/absorption comparisons, income/price bands, economic and demographic metrics that boost sales. Search for comparable assets or better areas.

Market monitoring, comparisons and similar players

What promotions are active and what are its prices? Detailed breakdown of what other players are doing.

Data Science and predictive models to analyze present and future investments

Predictive market models, trends, potential investment areas in the coming years. What KPIs does an area have to have to be a good investment?

Detection of under/overrated investments and areas

Valuation of assets with objective, efficient and trustful criteria. From investors to investors, to optimize the operations. Improve the selection of comps.

We provide real estate big data

Demographic, economic, real estate, cadastral data… current and historical series with a high level of geographical disaggregation.

Studies of new markets

Study with data science of new markets or opportunities.

Social listening

What does the press say about an area? What are the most popular endowments in a city?

Management and monitoring dashboards

Follow the data of the areas and/or a promotion in real time, with actionable KPIs and insights.

Automatic tracking of sales of third-party promotions

Accessible web programming to follow in real time the sales of the promotions, Idealista, Fotocasa, Habitaclia…

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