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The post-Covid property market is changing rapidly: loose data and contradictory news or analysis abound. The risk in new investments in Real Estate is high.


At Atlas Real Estate Analytics we want to reduce this risk and that is why we have created Fragua. Fragua is the new SaaS tool for advanced real estate analysis that will allow you to know the demographic, economic and real estate parameters of any area of Spain through data science.


It is not only about knowing the average sale price of an area, nor the absorption in rent; but to combine all these factors to know which are the dynamics that affect the prices and liquidity of a real estate product. It means applying machine learning to find out how strong demand is, what the future prospects are for this area and therefore what investment will be most appropriate.

Fragua is the most complete and accurate real estate analytics tool on the market.


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Promotions and Newsroom

To keep abreast of trends and developments.

  • Real-time map of all BTS and BTR developments from the main developers.
  • Evaluate the promotions with our promotions rating.
  • Access our newsroom to get all the current and historical news of the sector and all the public transactions that can be filtered.

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Saved searches

  • Allows you to save searches and view their variations since they were saved in the KPIs of sales rating, rental rating and total number of offers.

My portfolio

  • Upload assets to a virtual portfolio and value them for sale and rent.

Downloaded reports

  • View history of downloaded reports and do it again.

Profile customization

  • Customise the colour palette for all elements of the search.
  • Personalised logo.
  • Personal information.
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